7 Smart SEO Tactics That are Worth the Risk

There is endless information about SEO tactics in the vast internet library. And no prizes for guessing that most of them support and preach ‘white hat’ SEO tweaks.

Don’t know about white hat SEO? Well, it is for human audiences and is designed exclusively for them instead of machines.

Reason for advocating them- they are safe and does not create chances to get penalized by the world’s favorite search engine Google.

But SEO would have been a child’s play if every time you turn the handle of the slot machine you hit jackpot. It is not so; There are uncountable failed attempts to get the right tactics work and even the smartest SEO expert fail to predict the outcome of their tactic.

So, what do they do? No harm in admitting that they tend to explore more.

This is actually trying different method or tactic apart from the known and recommended ones.

Why not take a risk and get the desired results?

It is a good idea that when everything fails to generate results, then diving deep and exploring might get you lucky.

Forbid me to use the word luck here because in SEO there is no luck. No good luck and no bad luck.

It is clear and transparent. You get results for your effort, and when you fail to get the expected results, it is the time to know more about SEO.

But you will come across the black hat SEO which is not at all recommended. However, you can leave the bandwagon and do something different. These will not endanger the user experience and also will not make you suffer from penalties from search engines.

It is like trying extreme adventure but with a safety noose around. We here like to discuss SEO tactics that are worth the risk.

Lengthy and interesting Content on the home page and articles

This is a risk because welcoming someone with a long blog or content is the sure shot way to march the audience towards the exit gate.

But, do you know what works with long and a minimum of 1000 words content? Well, the search engine crawlers love them absolutely.


Source: Pixabay

They treat them as high authority website and they have their chances increase to get a high-ranking boost within days of publishing the content.

But posting a wall of content will not do. You need to post valuable content which has relevance for the readers and they find it interesting also. Add a lot of action and do not make it a copy of Wikipedia.

Give extreme details along with advice and this is what the audience wants to hear from you.

Do not shun negative SEO completely

Negative SEO is all about influencing your competitor ranking which is not approved ethically and Google and other search engines dislike it.

We are not asking you to follow it completely but create strategies to get returns from this new SEO tactic.

We tell you how to start it. First, be vigilant and check how your competitors are performing, look out for any black hat SEO that they are doing and report immediately to Google if you see any such activity.

SEO Whitehat                                                                                            Source: Pixabay

You will be awarded for this and of course, you get the accolade for this job.

Reporting shady SEO activities is great and is recommended as well.

So, waste no time and start immediately with this unique trick and change the course of your action and result as well.

Invest in domains, both expired and available ones

Expired domains might appear to give 301 redirect or backlink your site. But the backlinks are great and still give you notice with their SEO advantage.

Also, you do not spend much in compare to returns and they are obviously having an effect.

The same is with buying the available domains.

The give you the backlinks which will give you the SEO boost.

How to do it perfectly? Invest in domains which are in your niche and then only you will get the result.

Change the look of your website and do it frequently

Well, there is a flip side to it as well. your readers or dedicated audience might notice it and miss their favourite layout. but you will get awarded by the search engines as they love updated content.

Website Look                                                                                              Source: Pixabay

One more thing which can go wrong in this little trick is that the search engines might believe that you are trying to manipulate them.

Be careful with this trick. Slip in carefully with the updates and frequent changes in the website. Let it not go unnoticed yet do not make the website go a complete makeover.

Too much loud and frequent changes might get you penalized.

Use social bookmarking

Too much social bookmarking can make the website spammy and so again you attract for getting disciplined for the offense.
Too much of anything is bad and since social media is fast catching up, you need to get the links for the best SEO results.

Social SEO                                                                                            Source: Pixabay

How to do social bookmarking without creating havoc?

Well, study the different automated platforms available for social media bookmarking and then select the best one. They are safe, give you the correct information and provide details which are helpful to get the job done.

Perfect match anchor text

This trick is like playing with the fire and if overdone, can burn up completely.

But it does help to get the best ranking results from the search engine crawlers. But they do not go unnoticed. To be safe, try to use your own target keywords as they are directly linked to your site.

Try link building with a new turn

Choose the most suitable link building directories and then submit your link there.

Directories are for search engines and humans have no inclination towards them. If done perfectly this SEO tactics is perfect to give you SEO boost that too with less risk

You get the backlinks from here which are reliable and worth the effort.


When you are doing business, you need to take the risk. This principle applies to SEO as well. digital marketing is something very vague, there is no rule book or laid formulas for you to follow. In digital marketing, every website’s rank will be good if follow the steps of Ranking By SEO. You have to study the trends, figure out wah is working and what is failing and then make the choices.

These tricks are risky but if conducted carefully, you will never be penalized like getting completely wiped off. They can give you good returns and so worth to take the risk.

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