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Advertising On-The-Go

The advertising medium – it is shrinking. From large print advertisements to the efficacy of the small TV screen to desktops and laptops to the snazzy mobile screen… That’s right, the battle for the consumer has reached the 5-inch domain. Welcome to the future of...

power of ideas

The Power of Ideas

deas can flash like a lightening from nowhere. You don’t need to be born creative. You don’t need to master the art of ideation. It’s inborn, innate, embedded in the deepest of your emotions and the craziest of your imaginations. All you need to do...


Owlchemy Labs and the future of Google in VR

Google, the internet related-services and products giant, has been continuously investing on new platform and technologies to strengthen its leadership. The company has been aggressively investing in new ventures such as autonomous vehicles, voice based services, analytics and virtual reality (VR) to be future ready....


Google Assistant gets Smarter

The biggest announcement of Google I/O 2017 developers’ conference was regarding major improvements and features of Google Assistant. With growing awe, I watched the recorded sessions of the keynote, which was primarily focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion signifies how Google...