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All About Content Marketing and How it Builds Your Business

Ever wondered why does everyone emphasize on content marketing? What is there is the words after all? But, everything lies in the words, after all, because communication is the basis of all trades. A good marketing strategy should involve a good sub-strategy of communication. The type of words you use will determine your sales. If your words fail to convince the customers, then be sure that you fall short of your sales target. With the advent of high speed internet, content marketing is no longer limited by words. Visuals and audio features such as videos, infographics, GIFs, podcasts are changing the way we perceive content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a well-planned marketing tactic of generation and distribution of reliable, pertinent and valuable information, aimed to draw the interest of specified target audience with a motive of gaining profit. In other words, it is a method of grabbing the attention of target audience and resolving their queries about your product by providing relevant information. The belief here is that – over a period of time, the audience will build trust, rely on your content for directions, understand the uniqueness of your product, purchase your product, and develop brand loyalty.

Good Content means Good Business

Content marketing forms the basis of all forms of marketing strategies, as its main objective is to “convey”. And to convey something to specific audience, you need appropriate content. Here are some of the reasons why you must focus on content marketing:

Enrich your Brand Reputation  Great content can help gain trust and loyalty of your customers. In fact, 78% of the customers prefer to know about a company through articles instead of advertisements.

Platform to display Expertise – Content marketing can be a platform to showcase your expertise on subject matter and educate your customers. Customers like to buy things from the experts.

Influence your Audience – According to Content Marketing Institute, 61% of the online customers make purchase after reading recommendations on a blog. Hence, good content means good business.

Content drives SEO – Optimized content is essential to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which increases your online visibility.

Creates New Traffic – People like to comment and share interesting, informative and good articles on social media. Producing great content can increase data traffic.

Affordable by All – Content generation is the most cost-effective way of generating new leads, which is critical for small businesses. According to DemandMetric, content marketing not only cheaper than traditional tactics by 62%, but also generate more lead by three times.

Strengthen Customer Relationships – By publishing relevant content about your product, you can keep your customers engaged. In fact, figures indicate that good content marketing can increase customer loyalty by 70%.

Current Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing is no longer a play of words. The increase of internet connectivity speed and the popularity of the social media have resulted in the generation of massive visual contents. Visual contents on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube have proven to enhance the customer experience. Hence a new perspective in marketing is gaining prominence where – rather than deciding on the type of content, the information intake by the audience will be reflected during content development.

A massive increase of chatbot population in 2017 indicates that only those brands that develop and preserve trusting relationships with its customers will sustain. This means, a great need for effective content marketing is in the store. Due to the use of voice bots, content will adjust to natural language search since the users give commands in their natural language. Hence, instead of keywords, entire sentences must be used in articles. In fact, 20% of the Google searches are already done through virtual assistants. This number is expanding rapidly.

The technology is evolving rapidly too, and the world is discussing the potentials of Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT). Hence, a great task lies ahead of content marketers – to not only generate the content in a format that suits the user preferences, but also make the content compatible in all the new forms of digital devices that are emerging as a consequence of AR and IoT.

In terms of rhetoric, one observes that a good content must be audience centric rather than content centric. The saying goes, “Don’t Sell, Inform”. Hence the marketers must focus on recognizing the target group and then generate content suiting them, rather than creating content and then searching for audience. Current trends indicate, the first priority of the marketer must be to establish meaningful connections with the consumers, rather than trying hard to accomplish a place in Google’s top searches. In fact, according to Monetate, personalization of content is crucial to success by 94%.

Video content marketing is gaining more popularity than ever. Although there are people who do read, a majority of them prefer ti watch video when provided with an option. A study by Livestream indicates, four out of five people prefer watching videos to reading. In addition, social media is boosting the video watching activities. In 2017, Facebook reported that its users’ video consumption was three times more than that of tradtionals TVs. Moreover, live streaming videos gained 10 times more comments. Thus, the new video content marketing must be focusing on social media users in particular.

Pointers to Enhance your Content Marketing Strategy

It’ not only what you tell, but how you tell that matters. A good content marketing strategy encompasses the following tactics:

A basic plan – Any content must full have an underlying objective. Without a plan, the content may not serve any purpose. Before creating any content understand what your goal is, and who your audience are.

Ample use of Multimedia – Current trends in content marketing suggests, visuals are playing a more effective role in conveying a message. Hence a good content makes use of multiple media to deliver its message.

People must be your Priority – By understanding who your audience are, choose the specific type of language and media format to be followed. The complexity of words and visuals should be based on your audience. While too simple words can be good, they may fail to provide sufficient information. Hence, the complexity must be decided based on your audience.

Informative and Entertaining – Your content must provide relevant information to the audience. However, too much information may fail to sustain their attention. Hence, make use of entertaining elements such as info-graphics and impressive videos to persist their attention.

Be Active – Even the aesthetically superior pages become stagnant if fails to attract active users. Hence, you need to update your content/webpage regularly to interest for the audience, as well as the search engine.

To Sum it Up

Content marketing, undoubtedly is gaining prominence every day. Contents govern the internet and marketing space. For instance, a recent study indicates about 77% of the internet users view blogs. Hence, it is not only what is delivered, but also how it is delivered that counts. In this regard, a lot of creative efforts must be put too, in order to make your content successful. Current trends suggest a good content must comprise of visuals. Hence, content marketing is in a strong phase of transformation by including new features such as infographics, podcasts, video contents etc.

The scope of content marketing has outshined its traditional boundaries since the advent of online marketing. In the present day, one cannot separate content marketing from native advertising, product branding and marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, SEO, inbound marketing and public relations. Thus content marketing acts as a skeletal structure to all forms of marketing. However, in order to thrive in content marketing, one must always innovate and excel in the ways of presenting the content. To conclude – The prominence of Content marketing is not only increasing rapidly, but also the techniques to formulate and distribute them are evolving profoundly. Remember, Content Marketing is a continuous process.


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