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Why CEOs need to trust marketers?

If there’s one thing that C level executives in India run after, it’s ROI. ROI marketers are the only kind of marketers that have gained the trust of C level executives across the country. But while chasing ROI, are business managers ignoring something vital that could create immense opportunities for their businesses? Most big corporates have the finances and time to invest in all kinds of marketing and they can afford to easily experiment with digital so they do. Small and mid-range business owners however, are mostly impatient. Neither are they willing to spend enough on quality marketing services. Are these factors sabotaging businesses and the efforts of their managers?

The answer is yes, unfortunately. 80% of CEOs revealed that they do not trust the work of marketers while 90% of these stated that they trust the work of their CFOs and CIOs. Digital marketing which is all the buzz now, is literally despised by most C level executives. The fault here lies in their very approach towards digital marketing. This approach later leads them to believe that digital marketing is a completely useless tool to enhance the growth of business. This assumption couldn’t be anymore further away from the truth.

Many innovative start-ups are springing up almost every day. A lot of these start-ups are on a tight budget and hence they invest into digital marketing with an equally small allocation just for the sake of it. And they also expect results within just a few months. Obviously, the expected results are not achieved and hence they blame the entire digital marketing industry for misleading and looting them of their already tight funds.

This approach has two main issues, the first and very obvious one is choosing a digital marketer on a ‘tight budget’. Budget digital marketers 1) either don’t exist or 2) make things worse. In the end, the business will find itself struggling to sell and the wrong digital marketer can put a business in a worse place than where it first started off, hence making things far more complicated. The second issue is the timeframe set by the businesses and C level executives themselves. Digital marketing takes time. It requires a lot of background work, research and strategizing to achieve anything near the desired result. That too not in the timespan of just a few months. It could take a year or two for the work to harvest and show results. Patience is key in the world of digital marketing. Especially since it’s evolving so fast.

A good marketer will cover all the bases properly. Nothing will be left to chance or to be seen on how it will play out. With inefficient marketers making fake promises for a low cost out there, it’s not hard to see why C level executives in the country treat the digital marketers the way they do. But as a business manager, it’s their duty to research and select a marketer who is efficient, experienced and has a proven track record with several major firms to show for. That is where we come in.

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