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Data Driven Digital Marketing

Data driven digital marketing is something that’s creating quite a buzz in the digital marketing sector. It’s a craze that’s quickly picking up to soon become a trend in the industry. But why is it gathering so much hype? What does data driven digital marketing garner? And most important of all, why should you invest in it? Or, do you actually need to?

The statistics show that a huge number of marketers are incorporating data driven marketing as a staple part of their digital marketing strategies. This number is also rising at an alarming rate. Well, the numbers speak for themselves but let’s try to understand why data driven marketing is so attractive.

Personalised Marketing

People have slowly been spoilt to everything personalised and tailor-made for themselves and this includes marketing. People no more respond, let alone even look at cold messages or broadcasts. The era has transformed into that of personalisation. Automated machine learning marketing technology has led to automated personalised e-mails which has led to exponential increases in consumer-brand interactions.

Better Management

Gone are the days of traditional analytics and manual data learning. Today’s machine learning technologies and automated analytics help in better management of data. Hence, today’s marketer can take better, well-informed decisions which consequently brings about a positive effect on the business.

Manufacturing Better Products

Owing to data based digital marketing, product failure rates have dropped considerably and why wouldn’t they? Marketers now constantly interact and gain feedback and suggestions from the consumers themselves and this information is ultimately used to create better products that sell better. Simply because the consumers technically designed it themselves.

Targeting the Relevant Audience

Data driven marketing has now enabled brands to create multiple buyer-personas which help them to craft better marketing strategies. This means higher quality leads and much more conversions. Marketers can now implement the right tactics depending on the kind of the audience.

Now, how you incorporate data driven marketing into your strategy?

Before that, we need to acknowledge a few challenges that exist in data driven marketing. The first and most obvious one is getting the right people to work together as a team. Data driven marketing is fairly complicated and experienced, efficient people are a prerequisite to a successful data driven marketing strategy. Furthermore, these people need to be provided with the latest cutting-edge marketing technology so that they can function properly without any hindrances whatsoever. Obtaining the right tools is a necessary need. Lastly, data driven marketing requires multiple teams to handle different parts of the strategy and they need to be in sync. This is not so easy to accomplish. The departments need to work together to combine the data collected and work towards one common goal.

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