AdsyndicateBlog Digital Marketing This Week – LinkedIn revamps campaign manager, Facebook stock plummeted and much more
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Digital Marketing This Week – LinkedIn revamps campaign manager, Facebook stock plummeted and much more

1. Facebook Loses $120 Billion in Market Cap

Facebook stock drops roughly 20%, loses $120 billion in value after warning that revenue growth will take a hit. The stock closed down 19% Thursday to $176.26, which means that investors erased the entirety of the company’s 2018 gains. Its market capitalization as of Wednesday: $630 billion. By the end of trading Thursday, it was worth $510 billion after close and 170 million shares had changed hands. Facebook’s Thursday was the ugliest single-session decline since the company went public in 2012.

2. LinkedIn Revamps Campaign Manager

LinkedIn has overhauled its Campaign Manager, giving it a redesigned interface and building out its back end to load data faster. The refreshed tool, announced Thursday, is designed to offer a more intuitive experience for marketers running multiple campaigns on the platform, with one-click breakdowns of campaign data and personalization options around what reports they see.

3. Google: Off-Site Sentiment Doesn’t Influence Search Rank

People who chatter about your website online don’t influence its search rank. Google’s Danny Sullivan cleared the air about that controversy just this past week. Somebody on Twitter asked him the following question: “It seems like your search algorithm recognizes and takes into account sentiment. Is there a sentiment search operator? (I don’t think there is; how do you all decide which search operators to make available?)”

Sullivan’s reply was brief and to the point: “It does not recognize sentiment, so no operator for that.” Of course, backlinks from other websites can still influence rank. But the general tone of conversation about your site on social media or online forums won’t have any impact.

4. Podcast Revenues Are Skyrocketing

According to a study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), podcast revenues are soaring. In fact, 2020 revenues are projected to double 2017 revenues. In 2017, podcasting ad spend raked in $314 million. The 2020 haul is expected to reach $659 million. Also, podcasters saw a whopping 150% year-over-year growth in listeners.

5. Google Redefines Low-Quality Content

According to Google’s updated Quality Rater Guidelines, low quality pages are those that miss the mark on what they set out to achieve. This could be for one of two reasons. Either there is not enough main content (MC) to adequately satisfy the reader, or the content creator lacks expertise in the topic they’re writing about.
Low quality pages may have been intended to serve a beneficial purpose. However, Low quality pages do not achieve their purpose well because they are lacking in an important dimension, such as having an unsatisfying amount of MC, or because the creator of the MC lacks expertise for the purpose of the page.”

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