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Digital Marketing This Week – New Google Algorithm Update, WhatsApp Business API and much more

1. New Core Algorithm update by Google

Danny Sullivan confirmed via a tweet regarding the new Google Broad Core Algorithm update. He confirmed about the major updates that were to improve better results for Google searches. It has affected the rankings and appearances of some sites on the search engine. The interesting thing to note here is that one cannot do anything about it. Since it is a core algorithm update, it changes the way Google views certain pages and websites. There are even certain drops for ranking the pages and has benefit the under- rewarded pages now.

2. Launch of New Playable Ads by Facebook

Announcement of new advertising offerings for application marketers on Friday at giant ChinaJoy gaming conference. These ads provide a demo within the ad for its users giving them a chance to experience it before installing. Advertisers can set up these ads in Facebook UI and use Facebook’s developer partners such as CrossInstall, CyberAgent, MakeMeReach, and many more. The minimum return on ad spent will be available in the next few weeks, designed to go hand- in – hand with value optimisation targeting and making it more effective.

3. Launch of WhatsApp business API

Launch of WhatsApp business API designed to help the business communicate with consumers. API can be used to send non- promotional content, such as event tickets, shipping confirmations to the consumers and so on. Depending on the company where the message is being delivered, the cost ranges from $.01 to $.09 per message. A business chat between the consumers and business will also be available from now on, allowing the businesses to directly have a conversation with its consumers. Even allowing a feature of blocking the business for the consumers on the application.

4. Featured Snippets with Google now

Google expands its featured snippets to include navigational buttons for Google Suggest. After the users enters a search query, with more variations, the featured snippets show new navigational “chiclets” style buttons. These help users to navigate for a more specific response. These are auto suggested completions for example- if one searches for- how to bake? Google shows various options such as how to bake a cake, how to bake bread, etc.

5. Video Ad Metrics updated by Facebook

The platform measure video consumption by counting only the unrepeated seconds also allowing the users to replay and rewind video ads. The repeated videos don’t add seconds to video view time. The platform has removed the “Video Percentage Watched” and “30-Second Video View” metrics. The updates to roll out in the coming next few weeks.

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