AdsyndicateBlog Digital Marketing This Week: Prime Day, Amazon vs Google PPC, Are Podcasts popular than blogs and much more
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Digital Marketing This Week: Prime Day, Amazon vs Google PPC, Are Podcasts popular than blogs and much more

1. Amazon Prime Day

Small Businesses Racked Up More Than $1 Billion in Sales During Amazon Prime Day. Small businesses who took part in the 36-hour event experienced great numbers. In some cases, small business sales were 10 to 100 times higher than their average day. In an Amazon press release, a few small businesses shared their thoughts as the day was just beginning.

2. Amazon vs Google – The Pay Per Click Battle

A recent study suggests that Amazon has essentially become a massive search engine for consumers far down the purchase funnel and eager to help advertisers increase their presence on this important channel in quarters to come. Amazon’s advertising product represented approximately 21.5% of advertising budget by many businesses and agencies.

3. Bing – Secure Site Ads

Now Bing Ads advertisers can add a new type of annotation which lets searchers know that a site is secured. This annotation can be added when the website is secured by a third-party antivirus provider.According to Bing, in addition to increasing searchers’ trust in a website, it can also increase click-through rates.

4. Google My Business – More Data about Search Queries

Business owners can now see exactly what search terms people are using to find their Google My Business listings with Search Query Insights, giving you an opportunity to see where your listing is succeeding and what areas may need to be better optimized.

The search query information is being added to the Insights tab and includes the most common terms and search trends that helped people find your business.

5. Podcasts are becoming more popular than blogs

A recent research suggested that Podcasts are slowly becoming more popular than blogs. Blogs are important when it comes to ranking your sites but if you are thinking of content marketing strategies, podcasts can be better.

6. Closed Captions for LinkedIn Videos

You can now have closed captions for your videos on LinkedIn, the professional social media network recently announced this. To add closed captioning, click the video icon in the share box on desktop to choose the video they wish to share, and then click the edit icon in the top right to see video settings. Clicking “select file” enables them to add the associated SRT (SubRip Subtitle) file.

7. Twitter: Why People Are Unfollowing

As per recent research, following are the top reasons why people might be unfollowing you or your brand on Twitter. Here are the top 5 reasons:

52% – Tweeting too often
48% – Too much self-promotion
47% – Posting too much spam
43% – Not interesting enough
29% – Too much repetition

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