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Facebook adds automatic video subtitling for Pages

Facebook, the social media giant, with over 1.79bn monthly active users has been keen on strengthening its video content in an increasingly video-first world. Facebook has been constantly upgrading its features list to keep users and publishers/creators excited about the platform. However, Facebook and its video product has been marred with controversy around metrics and data reporting.

Facebook has big plans for video and has started rolling out a separate video-only section within its Facebook empire in order to create a go-to destination for all things in videos. In order to improve its game a level further, Facebook has now rolled out automatic subtitling feature for pages which will help creators to increase user base and open a world towards endless possibilities.

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Language Play

Facebook has rolled out this service to US English based pages and the automated system is now able to generate subtitles for videos posted on pages. However, the product has great potential if facebook will be able to scale and include other languages targeting its key markets such as India, Brazil and Indonesia. Even if Facebook is able to crack a few major languages globally, the opportunity is immense considering its ability to deliver subtitles in the language of their choice to users globally without any manual intervention.


Facebook has been upfront about the challenge it is facing in ad placement on users’ timeline. Video is the next big thing in internet space and facebook would not like to leave any chance for its biggest competitor, google, gain further supremacy in the segment. Facebook has been working hard to bring a host of features for its publishers/creators and only time will tell if they will marry the platform in order to tell stories better. Furthermore, content consumed with subtitles in multiple languages provides the much needed scale factor for video ads.

Future of Content

Facebook and YouTube have been investing on publishers/creators generating video content for its users and have been pretty successful. However, it will be important to see how far machine learning, artificial intelligence and voice based tools will be put to use for publishers/creators while developing content for one-world, one-internet, one-video, multi-lingual users.

Final Word

It is imperative for both facebook and YouTube to create a publisher/creator-friendly environment on its platform. YouTube has been slowly gaining ground by creating YouTube Studios (YouTube Space) across major regions to help publishers/creators and has also been at the forefront of developing intelligent tools to make life easier.

However, it will be interesting to see how video plans unwrap in 2017 and beyond, but one thing is clear that with the tool sets is not far from the day when a creator in the United States develops a video which is consumed by an Indian who speaks in Marathi (regional language) and consumes the same video in his language without any manual intervention.


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