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Google Assistant gets Smarter

The biggest announcement of Google I/O 2017 developers’ conference was regarding major improvements and features of Google Assistant. With growing awe, I watched the recorded sessions of the keynote, which was primarily focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). The discussion signifies how Google is shifting its strategy from a Mobile First to AI First and intends to embed AI into all its products and services.

If you have been following our updates, you would be aware that Google Assistant is expanding its reach even into the Apple ecosystem, home turf of Siri. Google Assistant for Siri is the tip of the iceberg. However, Google has also partnered with GE and LG to provide assistance services for their washers, refrigerators and ovens to make dumb standalone products smarter.

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Android Payment

Android has surpassed the 2 billion active devices milestone. Furthermore, its lighter version is expected to power low power handsets and make further inroads into developing markets.
Google Assistant will be a key add-on to compete with not only the handset manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple but also payment solution providers such as PayPal and Visa Pay, among others.

App Directory

New features in Assistant is an app directory that will be found when you open the Assistant UI. A new blue icon will be seen on the top left corner, opening which, will get you the apps in categories which are voice powered. This directory feature is an easy way to find out which of the apps have Assistant integration and how you can work with it. This will not only help it surpass Alexa in terms of skills but having 2 billion users on its platform will be a major pull for the developer community moving forward in a voice-enabled AI future.

Text Inputs via-Assistant

Meanwhile, Assistant also gets smarter through Google Home, which gets a number of new features including scheduling calendar appointments and creating reminders, making hands-free calls with Home, and adding visual responses from your Assistant on TVs with Chromecast, to name a few. This is further expected to make our lives easy with all miniscule tasks getting finished over voice.

Final Word

Google has, over the years, built a strong Android ecosystem and new services such as voice powered apps that now have an edge over Alex, Siri and Cortana. The open source approach by partnering with GE, LG and the like will not only give it enough data to work but also provide it with the much-required finesse in its products with constant human interaction on multiple work types.



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