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How To Become a Successful Social Media Marketer

How to become a successful Social Media Marketer

Since the advent of internet era, marketing domain has been transforming in ways that seemed unimaginable a few years ago. Within a decade of introducing internet to the public, it had one billion users worldwide. However, social media has proven to be more popular than the internet. For instance, within the first nine years of launching Facebook, it active users number had already crossed 2 billion. Other social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube etc are also acquiring users increasingly. For this reason, social media is regarded as the ‘fastest growing trend’ in the world history.

Social media not only favoured its users to interact with others on a global scale, but also opened doors for several marketers to promote their products. Thus, marketing domain has risen to new horizons of ‘social media marketing’, which focused on marketing exclusively on the social media platforms. The popularity of social media marketing is increasing since it has a lot of advantages over traditional marketing. For example, social media marketing has larger target audience coverage, allows for customer feedback, builds brand loyalty effectively and is highly economical compared to traditional marketing. However, the competition for social media marketing is also increasing with massive number of social media agencies emerging with innovative techniques.

How does Social Media Marketing works?

Social media agency is a sub-division of any digital marketing agency, which focuses on increasing website traffic by engaging the users on social media with creative contents. The users engage with any content, only when they find it fascinating. Hence, the content must be creative, innovative and suit the preferences of the target audience. This is challenging for social digital marketing agencies, as the form of content varies on different social media. If blog dominates one platform, video content is popular on another. In some it may be images, or audio files that drive the traffic. Thus a good social media agency has to follow different marketing strategies on various platforms to generate website traffic.

What are the tasks of a Social Media Marketer?

In order to be a social media marketer, one must be capable of performing six fundamental tasks that are as follows:

  • Develop contents for effective social media strategies.
  • Endorse contents that promote link sharing, posting and advertisements.
  • Increase the website traffic by prompting users to check out brand features.
  • Keep the target audience engaged, informed and entertained.
  • Create social media campaigns to fulfil marketing objectives.
  • Analyse user behaviours by considering demographics to increase the output.

How to become a good Social Media Marketer?

A good digital marketing agency hires only the best of social media marketers who are advanced capabilities than the rest. Some of the pointers to excel in social media marketing are listed below:

  • Dedicated Focus on three major social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As user engagement on different social media platforms are frequently changing, even the effective social media strategy may be less helpful. Hence, focusing on these three major platforms helps to retain the effectiveness of your strategies.
  • Develop your strategy based on the type of your industry. Analyse your competitors’ activities on social media. Note what the customers are talking about, based on which come up with relevant topics for your customers.
  • Post updates regularly on social media. Remember to keep the posts creative, relevant and helpful to customers. Avoid repetitiveness as it might bore your audience.
  • Network with the professionals of your field of interest. Develop professional contacts. Have an active online presence and engage in discussions. You excel as a social media marketer, only when you have an online portfolio.
  • Be open to adapt your styles and methods. Take courage to experiment. With newer trends emerging every day, what seems ‘cooler’ today may be ‘out-of-date’ tomorrow.
  • Volunteer for an outreach program for a school or NGO. Offer social media assistance. This will not only help you build contacts and add to your CV, but also acts as a case-study and gives you real time experience to handle social media marketing.
  • Keep updating yourself regarding latest social media analytics and SEO. This is far more important than the creative and user engagement aspects.
  • Feel inspired with what you do. Social media marketing is all about saying communicating the same thing, but in different ways to attract your target audience.


To become a successful social media marketer, there are two fundamental criteria: good communication skills and good knowledge about social media platforms. Good communication skill is not only determined by your ability to express ideas, but also your capabilities to attract and engage target audience. To achieve the latter, one must have a complete understanding of various social media platforms, its emerging trends, the types of audiences and the topics of discussion in them – so that you get a fair idea about the relevant form of content that you can generate. Only when you have a fair idea about what works for a particular platform, you can communicate and express your ideas there effectively.

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