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How To Become an SEO Expert

How To become an SEO Expert

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become an inseparable wing of any digital marketing agency. It can be even said that SEO drives digital marketing, as studies have repeatedly confirmed that SEO can generate better return of interest than TV or print ads. In fact, all the leading companies are now seeking to increase their rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). There are other benefits of SEO such as increased website traffic, cost effectiveness and enhanced website visibility. These things undoubtedly heighten the brand awareness. The increasing demand for SEO has led to establishing of SEO agencies that solely focus on increasing search result visibility. This indicates the massive scope of SEO marketing in the store.

Roles of an Expert in SEO Agency

To be working for a SEO agency, one needs to possess certain skills and capabilities that make them the best from the rest. Search engine analytics are evolving every day and hence digital marketing agencies need to continuously upgrade their skillsets. Some of the roles of SEO experts are listed below.

  • SEO experts must be skilled in formatting and analysing websites, keywords and backlinks. These are crucial criteria for the success of any SEO marketing campaign.
  • A good SEO agency thrives in keyword optimization where certain keywords upon examination are organically introduced to a website.
  • Content generation is as important as keywords. An SEO expert must focus on generating quality content that suits their SERP position.
  • An SEO expert must have a clear understanding of the client’s objectives. After all, the optimized site must fit in to the business strategy of the client.
  • SEO experts must also have a fair understanding of IT tools such as CSS, HTML and other programming languages in order to redesign the web content. In addition, understanding of various OS and hardware platforms are also necessary.
  • The major task of an expert in SEO agency is to continuously comprehend the upgrading criteria for SERP rankings designed by major search engines such as Google.

Become an SEO expert

If one adheres to certain rules keeping them in mind, it is possible for anyone to become an SEO expert. These rules are proved to be the keys of success for several digital marketing agencies. These rules are listed below.

  • Design or format a website by keeping the primary keywords in mind. Focus on the Meta description that will appear along search engine results, justifying why someone must visit your webpage. Ensure that the keywords appear in the page title, URL and Meta description.
  • Use of images on your web page can also rank your webpage at the top of image based searches. Thus it is important to optimize the images as well by using primary keywords.
  • Similar to images, adding the location of your stores/offices, allowing the customers to review it will also increase your SERP probability. A good way to do this is to sign up to Google My Business. Do not forget to use keywords, insert logo, mention contact details, specify work timings and include real images of the location. The latest analytics promote webpages that provide maximum information.
  • Optimize your SEO for local based search, especially if you are a small business enterprise. According to Hubspot, 4 out of 5 consumers make use of search engines to access local information. Hence, not optimizing you webpage for local search means losing out on your prospective customers by 80%.
  • Developing your internal linking structures can increase SERP rankings, as they assist in easy navigation of your webpages. This increases your website hierarchy by distributing page authority. Well-designed internal linking means more chances of placing your webpages on top of SERP.
  • As a further measure, PPC can be used to drive traffic and links for SEO. It is extremely helpful in attracting a large audience to your webpage, who may have failed to read, share or link your content. When SEO falls short of its target, PPC can give it that extra push.

To sum it up

SEO has become the backbone of every digital marketing agency and will continue for years to come. However, the analytics are rapidly changing, making it progressively difficult to rank SERP. Hence, to master the skill of SEO means to constantly upgrade your knowledge of new analytics. Nevertheless, a good SEO professional must possess excellent communication skills in order to generate organic content and Meta descriptions without deviating from the objectives of SEO. Further, acquiring IT skills such as HTML and CSS will definitely heighten your capabilities. Finally, maintaining a regular interaction with the clients, understanding their business and objectives will not only help to understand the target audience, competitors and market conditions, but also help to deliver the content in a unique manner. SEO is an art that comprises of all the essential features of digital marketing.

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