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IGTV Vs YouTube: Who shall win?

YouTube has for a very long time remained the search engine for videos. With its fantastic video selection and its contribution in launching an entire generation of video content creators, YouTube has been an all-encompassing video curating giant. Its presence has been never been questioned on the social-media terrain, except for now, after the launch of IGTV by Instagram.

IGTV now has over a billion followers. And almost every big or small brand is on it. Because of being creatively varied, marketeers are finding it as pertinent to be on Instagram, as on YouTube. Another key feature of IGTV is that it is an extension of a mobile-app – and requires no new registration or any new learning. Users can naturally digress from the photo feature of Instagram to the video format of IGTV.

The vertical video feature that IGTV uses, has also gained a lot of popularity. Up until now, the vertical video format has been popular only in short-form but IGTV has now popularized it in long form. A vertical video format means that users don’t have to tilt their phones, to watch videos.

Among the many drawbacks of YouTube, is the concept of revenue sharing models. Its monetization algorithms are strict, and it is difficult to depend on earnings via this platform. IGTV, on the other hand, still doesn’t have any monetization and as of now, sponsors on it, have a lot of freedom, when it comes to this aspect and concern. On the up-side, the Google owned YouTube still has record of having more followers than IGTV. Its current number of monthly viewers stands loosely at 1.9 billion monthly users, which is an increase from about 1.5 billion last year. This just shows that the platform still enjoys its status as the ‘go-to’ video-viewing platform.

However, it’s pertinent to mention here that YouTube pays its regular and popular contributors rather well. The biggest content creators earn as much as $100,000 per month, while a regular contributor can often earn as much as $10,000 per month. This attribute of the platform makes it attractive to content generators in many measures, as this is a characteristic that IGTV might not be able to replicate quickly.

Only time will tell whether IGTV will out-do YouTube. What users veer towards – cutting edge and exciting new features or the dependable search-engine capacities of YouTube, can only be anticipated.

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