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power of ideas

The Power of Ideas

Ideas can flash like a lightening from nowhere. You don’t need to be born creative. You don’t need to master the art of ideation. It’s inborn, innate, embedded in the deepest of your emotions and the craziest of your imaginations. All you need to do is think differently, think freely and think deeply.

Just like the surface of the sea has still water that rises up as waves of different hues – sometimes azure, sometimes silvery and sometimes in mystical golden hues. But beneath the surface lies an entirely different, colourful, lively world – a world supporting a different life in all shapes and sizes – the corals, the million fish, flora, fauna and the minerals at the bedrock. Similarly, our mind is a treasure trove of ideas which pop up as imaginations and inspirations be it as a stroke of paint, a word that gets etched for generations together or a creative piece of artwork that sells multitude of products off the shelf like hot cakes.
We must never underestimate the power of an idea for when it is put to paper it becomes a strategy and the strategy becomes a marketing tool and the tool becomes the magnet that attracts footfalls. An idea can become a global anthem, a fashion statement, a game changer, a wheel of fortune, a hallmark of fame or a powerful medium of progress.

The weirdest of imaginations – be it that of walking on water or using your mind to type on screen without the use of hands can someday become a reality with the birth of an idea that’s powered by innovation and technology. So folks, soar high with an idea in your mind and a cause that’s special to your heart. Just follow your passion and be amazed with the results.

Put on your thinking hats and get ideating!