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Why Storytelling is Important for Your Brand

Why Storytelling is Important for Your Brand

Storytelling is the heart and soul of successful leadership. It is used to strengthen a brand. It’s one of the most potent ways to pour life into your brand and the main components of content marketing approach. Storytelling should be the foundation for the growth of your marketing strategies. Every brand needs to include and understand the magic of storytelling into their marketing to get into their audience’s emotions. You can take your audience on a journey that they expect. So how your brand’s story must be? It should be genuine, true, inspirational, creative, and authentic to form a personal connection with your brand. You can even call it as “Emotional Marketing.” It has the potential to drive traffic, customer retention, and best revenue.

The ways of telling a brand story have changed. The days are gone when it was done by either advertising or by writing articles by journalists. Today, a brand story can be told through social media, visuals, ads with stories, and crowd-sourced content. So without much description what storytelling is for your brand let’s get into why is storytelling important for your brand.


Reasons Why Storytelling is Important for Your Brand

Storytelling Can Get You The Strength to Stand Out of the Competition


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A strong brand’s story is engaging and can create brand advocates that increase sales. A good story makes a brand unique from others and is something universal. For example, people will buy that car which they understand well. They want to grasp your values, and commitment and storytelling is the best way to implement these values and commitment. Let’s take a look at an example of a great brand story, “Beardbrand.”

As the name suggests, Beardbrand is the company that sells grooming products. It was started by Eric Bandholz in 2012 and was launched using YouTube channel and blog. The New York Times contacted Eric while he was blogging on beard care products. Eric accepted their offer as he didn’t want to miss the chance for his brand promotion. As a result, Eric’s Beardbrand today serves millions of men around the world, and a blog of Eric now has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers. It’s now among the top seven figure business.

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Storytelling has the potential to bring you out of the competition and bring you in front of the lead. Any industry can attract their audience through consistent storytelling…


Storytelling Hits the Emotional Division

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Storytelling has the potential to hit the emotional chord of your audience or customers. Perhaps it’s the best way to tell them about your brand which evokes feelings and emotions in them. But that doesn’t mean that you will hit the emotions in any way just for the sake of hitting it for your audiences. Don’t go for fake stories or claim the stories to be true when people know they are fake. Be authentic, real and honest. People love genuine, true, and good stories. Stories based on real experiences will always generate success because they convey raw emotions which make it easy for your audience to relate to your brand. Emotional marketing is essential, and you should include it to get real and long-lasting results.


Visual Storytelling is More Effective Way to Engage Your Audience

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People love visuals. According to science, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visual storytelling doesn’t mean only advertisements. You can use other digital media, videos, infographics, blog posts with videos and photos, marketing events and more to bring life to your story. Visual storytelling is essential to make your people remember what you showed because according to science people remember only 20% of what they read and 10% of what they hear but 80% of what they see. When it comes to retention of a brand message, words can recall only 10% while words with visuals can recall 65%. Visual storytelling is the biggest reason for capturing and holding your audience’s attention.

So make your brand story effective. You can make it effective and action-oriented by taking it to your audience, incorporating story elements like real-life examples and case studies etc., making it genuine and true, humanizing it, and making it visual. Implement a successful strategy for your brand storytelling because it will help your audience learn more about your brand which gradually helps your business growth.


Your brand is your best story. No matter what your industry product is, the stories can help your brand to get the message out and act upon reliably and cost-effectively. You can believe it or not, but storytelling can increase revenue. Even good stories can compel people to change and drive them to action and better the engagement process. Take your audience on a journey with the brand by storytelling. Make storytelling creative, authentic, and emotional with a personal connection to make it worthy enough to reach to your people’s heart.

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