Criss Crossing the World of Hashtag Marketing

Strategies that shall make the hashtag tick for your brand

Hashtags are everywhere and form an important part of conversations on any social media site. The purpose of using hashtags goes further than simply plugging them into your content but also to make your content more searchable and boost impressions. Hashtags also enable to create conversations about a brand.

Strategically using the hashtag on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, helps expand content’s reach, amplify the brand, target the market, improve the SEO, among others.

Hashtags also technically known as meta-data, were introduced as Internet Relay Chats and consequently gained popularity on Twitter as ‘tweet chats’ – these were open group discussions about a particular group.

We delve into five popular hashtag types and strategies to find out more about the relevance and utility of hashtags.

Brand Hashtags:

Brand hashtags are often thought of as crucial to the business and can be used as a relevant slogan while sharing original content.  They can be thought of as signatures of the brand and when encouraged by the community to use well, can enable finding relevant content. It also makes it easy for the online community to engage with other audience members and create a binding, close-knit feeling of a community of followers.

Everyone stands to benefit from creating a brand hashtag because it encourages the online community  to learn more about the product or service in question, when it is being promoted. It also gives the consumers, a reason to share the brand’s content because it helps them gain followers as well as follow the links that the brand shares.

Trending Hashtags:

When a lot of users post content using the same hashtag, it is said to trend. A trending hashtag can change in real time and last for several days or even a few minutes. It becomes pertinent then, that you jump into a conversation when you see a trending hashtag, on Facebook or Twitter, in relation to your business. Sharing content through a trending hashtag, enables it to be seen by a large group of people, even outside the purview of your brand’s followers and fans, making your audience almost limitless. The more the audience shares your post, the more impressions and comments, will be generated.

Chat Hashtags:

Chat hashtags help users discuss a topic or a relevant subject-matter that bears their interest. Mostly popular on Twitter, a brand can start its own chat hashtag by engaging in a conversation, wherein a user asks a question, and another gives an answer. Typically, every industry has their own specific sets of hashtags, and a quick search, reveals ones that can be popularly harnessed.

Call to Action Hashtags:

The call-to-action (CTA) hashtag encourages the brand’s followers to engage in a specific online activity. The CTA draws from a traditional concept in marketing and usually starts with a verb like ‘Share,’ ‘Like’, ‘Comment’, ‘Tag’, among others. When a CTA hashtag does well and lots of people are performing the slated activity, it leads to an increase in the amount of posts related to the brand on social media platforms.

In conclusion, it is valid to state that hashtags can be used in a myriad way to bolster the presence of a brand on social media, leading to greater conversations and popularizing the brand’s presence on social media.

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