Digital Marketing This Week: Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Google updates, news and features

To create more ad transparency, Facebook updates Custom Audience list requirements starting July 2nd. Advertisers will have to specify the origin of the audience's information when uploading a Custom Audience list.

1. Facebook updates Custom Audience list requirement

To create more ad transparency, Facebook updates Custom Audience list requirements starting July 2nd. Advertisers will have to specify the origin of the audience’s information when uploading a Custom Audience list.

2. Podcast ad revenues sky rocketing

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has recently revealed that the podcast industry in the United States has increased their ad revenue by 86% as compared to last year. Certainly, a good boost for content creators via podcasts.

3. Instagram adds Shopping Bag icon inside Stories

Good news for E-commerce advertisers! Instagram recently introduced a new feature ‘Shopping bag icon’ which can be added to Instagram stories displaying more information about the featured product after clicking on it. This feature has been rolled out to limited advertisers for now.

4. Reddit rolls out native video ads

Reddit announced last week that it’s rolling out native video ads that will appear in-stream and automatically play without sound.

5. LinkedIn rolls out Sponsored Content carousel ads

LinkedIn is rolling out new Sponsored Content carousel ads which includes up to 10 customized and swipe-able cards. These ads come with the standard metrics for measuring a campaign’s performance, including click-through rates and number of leads.

6. Snapchat introduces AR Lenses to its own ad tool

Snapchat brings AR Lenses to its self-serve ad tool, launches Sponsored Snappables & builds on its e-commerce efforts. Along with its latest AR ad developments, Snapchat is rolling out goal-based bidding around conversions for e-commerce advertisers.

7. Facebook bans ads with poor customer services

If you are business providing poor customer service to your users, Facebook will ban your ads. Facebook has implemented a new feedback system which includes user’s opinions, comments, reviews and ratings. Feedback will be shared with businesses only if they receive a large volume of negative feedback. Facebook will give the business a chance to improve before taking further action.

8. Ratings and Surveys won’t impact normal Google search

Google does not use survey data, ratings, reviews, stars, etc in their organic ranking factors. This was mentioned by Google’s John Mueller in a recent Google’s webmaster hangout. However, they will continue to impact local search results.

9. Google Adword’s affiliate location extensions on YouTube

Google Adword’s has expanded their affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube. It will be on top of Search and Display campaigns. This will help brand manufacturers drive and measure foot traffic to nearby retail stores and auto dealers that sell their products.

10. Google Ads – Users can turn off ad targeting settings

Google giving more power to users as now they can now choose the type of ads they don’t want to see. This will give users better personalised experience. Basically, Google is expanding the “Why this ad?” notices across all services that display Google Ads.

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