Digital Marketing This Week – Quora – Conversion Campaigns, Facebook Video ads from Still Images and much more

1. Quora – Advertisers can now optimize conversion campaigns

Recently Quora rolled out conversion optimized campaigns. This new feature focuses the ad delivery algorithm on optimizing for conversions rather than clicks. Past May, Quora’s ad platform completed a year. They have been slowly and steadily rolling out new updates for advertisers.

2. Google continues to increase smart speaker market share

Consistent with earlier data, Strategy Analytics reported that Google is gaining global share in the smart speaker market. It’s also reporting that the Chinese market is starting to be dominated by local brands, which is likely to continue. Amazon is still the global leader, but its market share has been eroded by new competition. In the US, it still has 70 percent of the market.

3. Amazon’s Ad business to overtake AWS business by 2021

According to Piper Jaffray, the e-commerce giant’s ad revenue will top its Amazon Web Services cloud computing business by 2021. What’s fuelling the growth? Amazon’s dominance in product search. Amazon’s advertising model works in some ways like Google’s. Sellers have the opportunity to “buy” keywords so their listings will show up in relevant searches.

4. Google Ads Report Editor Now Offers Time Period Comparison

The Google Ads Report Editor has a new feature: you can compare ad performance over two distinct periods. That will give you the option to visualize your data. For example, if you want to compare this week’s clicks to last week’s or this month’s clicks to last month’s, you can do that. The report editor will also overlay the data so you can see the comparison at a glance.

5. Facebook Team Enables Advertisers to Create Video Ads From Still Images

Now you can run your single-image creative as a video ad on Facebook. The Facebook Creative Shop team will add so-called “lightweight motion” to your photos or graphics. That way, they’ll stand out in a busy news feed. If you want to take advantage of the new system, you’ll have to get in touch with the Facebook team. It’s not something you can do yourself on the ad platform.

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