Adsyndicate Digital Marketing Trends Report 2021


We are entering a new era, marked by 5G internet, digital technology and the socio-economic-cultural disruptions brought by the pandemic. As a result, the arena of digital marketing has yielded interesting trends.


For instance, the combined power of digital technology and high-speed internet has been driving the digital trends like AI & ML, voice search, MR, need for interactive content, insta app, super apps, etc. Similarly, the changes in the customer behavioral patterns due to the pandemic have been demanding the rise in digital trends such as subscription-based services, local SEO, micro-influencers.


The personalization game has been raised to new heights. While technology has catered to the need for interactive content, the need of the hour to understand data privacy from customers’ perspective has pushed digital marketing towards a cookie-less future.


The 4th edition of Adsyndicate Digital Marketing Trends Report 2021 will explore the above mentioned trends, primary from the angles of major sectors like automobile, BFSI, customer goods, education and pharma.



About Adsyndicate:


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