How to Pursue a Clear Content Strategy

Content is a king, and you need as much material as possible, publish posts daily, use Facebook, Instagram. We can hear it in every digital marketing conference. And now, after listening to the advice of experienced marketing specialists, you begin to overcome yourself, learn to take pictures, write and post the same content on the social pages of your business. Alternatively, even hire a freelancer for that. However, after a few days, you ask yourself or the employee the question: “So what? When will the content start making money?” And you know perfectly well that this process is not fast, but to know is not the same thing as understanding. And now you are sitting and thinking: “Maybe, hell with it!? I would rather spend this money on advertising on the streets, but tomorrow I will have orders.”

It is not entirely true.

Content strategy is a strategy because the aim of it is future, and not some short-term results. On organic growth, if you will. And to form a definite plan, you need to understand a few basic things. Or at least sit down with your contractor and talk them over.

Understanding of goals

First, you need to analyze your business. By the way, let the expert from the outside do it better – he will be able to see the weaknesses that you can ignore. What kind of business you have, for who is it, what problems does it solve, who are your competitors, what stage are you at now, what are you going to – you need to start with this. Then ask yourself the question: “How can content marketing help achieve goals? Do you want to increase your website traffic or activity on the Facebook page? ”

And although it may seem useless, it’s vital things to create a quality content strategy. Every piece of content you produce should have a goal. It should be useful to your audience, and not just hang out in the endless Facebook feed.


Just know that you create content, not for yourself, but for your consumer, target audience, client — call it what you want. Better still collect a portrait of one person. After all, it is much easier to turn to one than to a scattered crowd. Examine your consumer – who he is, how he spends the day, what content consumes, what channels he watches on YouTube. Sleep with him (figuratively speaking, of course). It will help you understand these things:

  • Brand-voice that is the language in which you communicate with the consumer. Serious or cheeky, concise or narrative, expressive or calm – it should be such a language that he will understand and enjoy.
  • Themes and formats. If your audience is dangerous people, they will not understand memes. If teenagers – they will not read long texts, but with pleasure, they will watch a brilliant video.

So if you know how to write texts only and the audience perceives photos better, overcome yourself and learn how to make beautiful involving pictures. Besides, for this, it is not at all necessary to own graphics programs – everything can be done quickly and just in the Design Editor.


Do not be afraid of the word – this is not a tax audit. It will help you understand what you are doing right and what needs require changes. Your blog on the site appears poorly in the search – contact the experts who will help you to edit the text for the best results. A low number of clicks on the site from social networks – even more, interest users with exceptional creativity. Besides:

  • Find the type of content that works best. Description of the product is not attractive to anyone, but on the other hand, a photo report from the production is the best for people – do virtual excursions more often.
  • Determine what content is in demand at a particular stage of the sales funnel. If people are already entirely “warm” and ready to buy your product, and you are still talking about its benefits, but do not give a clear call to action – instead do it!
  • Look at the site statistics or insights of the social network in which you are engaged in the content. From which publication do people most often perform the desired action? From which page go directly to the store? Adjust your strategy based on the answers to these questions.

So, when will you finally wait for the results of this content marketing?

We have already found out that content marketing is a journey. And you are unlikely to get to point B if you run out of fuel or lose your way. Think over each step, think three steps forward, and do not leave aside. Every action should lead you to a clearly defined and thoughtful goal.

Content marketing is not an instant sale from day one. However, if you gradually accelerate this car, acquainting the consumer with yourself and your business, orders will begin to pour after each of your posts. Someone may come to this in a month, and someone will not happen in a year. Make content quality, meet the needs of your customers, and correctly make calls to action. After all, content turns into content marketing precisely when such an appeal appears in it.

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