Importance of Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

We are experiencing a digital revolution throughout India, where digital marketing is sweeping across various industries and sectors. Education sector too is not an exception to this. The digital revolution is bringing about several changes, such as increase in the number of internet users – especially students, who access internet to seek information, entertainment and socialize. The recent census indicates 29% of Indian population lies in the age group of 0-14 years. This indicates, education sector is heading towards prosperity in the near future.

However there is a problem. With more and more education players entering the market has set forth an intense competition among educational institutions to stand above the rest. Interestingly, it is noticed that the average time spent on Internet among teenagers and youth in India is rising at an astonishing rate. Hence, it can be easily predicted that the digital platform is the most convenient, effective and the dominant way to persuade the target group (potential students) to enrol to your educational institution.


Our Definition of Digital Marketing

At Adsyndicate, we define digital marketing as a process of reaching out to your target audience across digital platforms, persuading them to hook to your brand and providing 360-degree solutions and services to all your digital needs. To simply put, digital marketing is the process of marketing conducted on the digital space. The broader definition of digital marketing refers to advertising and promotions delivered across digital platforms like websites, search engines, social networking sites, email and mobile apps.


Why does Educational Institutes need Digital Marketing Services?

In the present day, the internet has become the primary source for people to search for any information. Also, it must be noted that the most dominate group that makes the maximum use of internet is the student community. They not only use it find more information about relevant topics, subjects, syllabus, assignments, project etc. but also use internet in a big way to find out about certain courses, colleges, fee structure, admission process, education quality, college infrastructure, college rankings, placement records, student reviews etc.

It is not only the students who use internet to research about an educational institution. Parents use it too, in a big way. Despite making personal visits to an educational institution, parents still want to conduct an online research to know more about a primary school, high school or a higher education academy. In fact, they need assurance when it comes to factors such as accommodation, hostel facilities, food, cafeteria hygiene, transportation facilities, credibility of faculty, school timings, academic calendar, curricular and extracurricular activities, testimonials from experts, students and other parents etc. These things can be easily delivered via internet with less investment compared to other forms of advertising and marketing platforms.  To sum it up, internet is the most relevant platform that provides maximum details about an educational institution. Hence, digital marketing is especially necessary for educational institution in the modern world.


Benefits of Availing Digital Marketing Services for Educational Institutions

There are multiple benefits that an educational institution can avail, if it has opted for digital marketing services. They are not only economical, but also helps to build credibility of an educational institution. Some of the advantages of digital marketing exclusively for educational institutions are listed below:

Builds Credibility –

The major benefit for an educational institution for having an online presence is that it builds the credibility immensely. There no do doubt that internet has become the primary source to access information. For educational institutions, students and parents are the desired target group. Since, internet itself is popular among students, it has become a necessity for every educational institution to maintain an online presence in order to thrive. Hence, if it invests more time and energy into this, an educational institution can easily build credibility among its target group.

Develops Authenticity –

Credibility of an educational institution can be built easily by having a strong online presence. But an added advantage to this is, even authenticity can also be developed if information/news bulletins and relevant information about an academic institution is updated regularly on internet. For example, you can take advantage by updating regular articles and posts regarding education sector, improving quality of education, research results about students etc. This helps you to craft yourself an image of responsible and dedicated education institution, which increases your authenticity.

Improves Institution Rankings –

One of the major criteria considered by agencies to rank academic institutions is its students/parents/faculty/stakeholder opinions, which can be influenced through digital marketing. If students and other stakeholders have a positive opinion about your educational institution, and if they are speaking positively about it on the internet, then it helps to improve the ranking of your academic institution.

Increase in Profit –

Digital marketing is affordable compared to other traditional marketing techniques. Hence, digital marketing is most suitable for educational institutions because they are allocated limited budget for marketing activities. As the expenditure reduces, there is a significant rise in profit.

Easy Access to Target Audience –

Since almost all target audience of educational institutions are highly active on the internet, it is very easy to approach them through digital marketing. Hence, digital marketing is the most appropriate form of marketing that suits the nature of educational institutions.

Instant Feedback –

In digital marketing, it is possible to gain instant feedback. Hence, it is possible to re-change an ineffective strategy in a short span of time and replace it with a better one. There is a lot of scope for experimentation too. Thus, digital marketing channels are the most quickest ways to convey a promotional message to the target audience i.e. who are highly active on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also easy to record their responses and feedback within no time, and bring in changes if any to improve the quality of your deliverance.

High Conversions –

Digital marketing makes it possible for educational institutions to reach out to the potential students on a wider range of platforms such as social networking sites, emails, native ads, banner ads etc. This in turn generates a lot of traffic which influences conversion rates. A special advantage of digital marketing is that it is capable of encompassing all areas of internet. Hence, it really does not matter where exactly is a student is surfing the internet. He can be targeted regardless of whether he is on Facebook, or Twitter, email, websites of different sorts etc. After all, students spend a lot of time on the internet. And so the probability of lead conversion is especially high in digital marketing for educational institutions.

Measurable Outcome

– One of the major benefits of digital marketing is the availability of marketing campaign tracking tools such as Google Analytics. Tools such as these helps to come a continuous record of the campaign activity. One of the features of this tool is Key Performance Indication (KPI), which is a reckonable value that can be measured to demonstrate the effectiveness of the digital campaign in achieving the desired key objectives. Thanks to KPI, you can understand where you have gone wrong precisely. Thus, the results are not only accurate, but also help to detect where you lack. This helps a great deal for educational institutes where new and improvised strategies can be framed every year, which syncs with the changing mindsets of every generation of students.

Brand Reputation –

In today’s world, having an online presence is not only a fundamental necessity for educational institutions, but also a prominent way to enhance their brand reputation. A strong online presence helps an educational institution to spread awareness about the brand through various digital marketing outlets and thus make its reputation stronger. Therefore, in order to increase its brand image, an educational institution must be highly active on social media, update its websites, write blogs and posts regularly, respond to user queries as quick as possible, consider user feedback seriously and act where the user experience is reviewed low.

Maintain Customer Relationships –

The primary target audience of educational institutions are students. In the present time, students fall into the category of millennial and Gen-Z, who are the largest segment of internet consumers. Hence, through digital marketing it is possible to maintain a good relationship with them by keeping them informed and entertained on social media, responding to their queries in time and acting on their negative feedbacks to reflect upon what went wrong. Thus, digital marketing enables educational institutions to maintain better customer relationships.

High Scope for Re-Targeting –

Since digital marketing consists of large spectrum of platforms, it is possible to persuade the target audience 24/7 across multiple channels until a prospective student is converted into a potential student. Re-targetting can be done through emails, newsletters, banner ads, social media posts, personal reminders about scope of a course, placement records of your institutions, alumni achievements, corporate testimonials, faculty qualifications and achievements etc. By constantly reminding students as well as parents about these things, it is possible to persuade them into associating with your educational institution.


Why outsourcing Digital Marketing is the best option for Educational Institutions?

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is a complex, multi-stepped and interlinked processes whose strategies are unique, intricate and vary from each other. Even if we consider education sector alone, no two digital marketing strategies can be the same. This is because, each strategy varies with the nature of individual educational institutions, since there are a lot of factors to be considered such as the focus of the institution, its visions, academic aspirations, student demographics, academic and economic backgrounds of target audience etc.  Thus, digital strategy must be crafted carefully by measuring against several factors than needs to be tested in every level. This is a truly time consuming process since a lot of thoughts have to be put in. For this reason, you need to seek assistance from a dedicated digital marketing agency that is particularly specialized in education sector.

Moreover, one must note that digital marketing itself is a continuously evolving domain. What seemed to have worked yesterday may be outdated today. What seems to work for others may not work for you. One needs to examine the intricacy of a market environment from various angles and also consider other factors such as time, market economic fluctuations, changing academic trends, student psychographics and demographics etc before weaving a full-fledged digital marketing strategy. In this circumstance, it is necessary to seek advices from digital marketing professionals whose expertise is particularly associated with education sector. Also, since this is a time consuming process and since educational institutions have to prioritize their focus, time and energy, it is a good idea to outsource the digital marketing campaign to a responsible and dedicated digital marketing agency that offers exclusive services to educational institutions. In this way, even the educational institutions can be free of marketing responsibility like this, and can focus the same time on academic objectives such as imparting knowledge on students, shaping their career, placement assistance and academic research. By outsourcing marketing responsibilities to a digital marketing agency, even the marketing strategy could be carried out incessantly. The academic institutions need not worry about such additional responsibility or allocate separate time for marketing activity.


To Sum it Up

In today’s world, for any educational institution aspiring to top in the list of college/institution/university rankings, digital marketing must be made one of the fundamental aspects of its core business strategy. Since the primary target audience of education sectors i.e. students are highly active internet users, digital marketing is the most suitable and appropriate form of advertising and marketing for educational institutions. Digital marketing has a lot of advantages over other traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing is economical, efficient, yields instant results, more ROI and profits and also offers a large spectrum of platforms through which the target audience can be persuaded 24/7 in the digital space. However, since the trends of digital marketing are rapidly changing, and since digital marketing is an intricate and time-consuming process, it is very important for educational institutions to seek assistance and avail services from a committed digital marketing company that offers specialized services and solutions catering to education sector.

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