Digital Marketing for the Automotive Industry

Even today, there’s few things that provide as much sense of achievement as that of buying the first car. There is technically no other industry that can boast of such a passionate and devoted fan following. The automotive industry is one such that has seen consistent innovation and showcases the same proudly.

According to the Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers (SIAM), Indian automotive sector today is a $74 billion industry and by 2026, the industry is expected to achieve a turnover of $300 billion- clocking a CAGR of ~ 15 percent. (Source-ForbesIndia)

Digital marketing in the industry has seen some progress in recent times but largely, it still lags behind when compared to other industries and sectors. This is an issue mainly because of the overall market share of brands in the automobile sector. It’s more than obvious that brands are unable to effectively communicate with a huge chunk of prospective vehicle buyers. The most widely used form of marketing still remains stickers and decals on F1 cars. That’s more than justified taking into account that F1 racing is the most popular sport on the planet with the highest number of viewers. But with more and more people going digital, how must the automotive industry adapt?

How Digital Marketing can change the Automotive Industry?

The industry currently uses strategies such as social media ads, virtual showrooms on mobile devices and video advertising on online platforms. They are indeed effective to a large extent and have helped in reaping earnings in the millions. However, digitisation of the user-experience needs to go further. The online medium has enabled producers to create a truly personalised experience for each individual buyer which can lock the potential client into a certain brand. This just wasn’t possible earlier. Generic ads and ad strategies need to be rethought to reflect personality and individualism. Moreover digital marketing has allowed players in the industry to enhance customer awareness and has also given them a means to understand consumer needs which help in subsequently meeting client expectations. Digital marketing is also growing in the post-sales sector after brands have begun realising that the purchase of a vehicle marks the beginning of a relationship and does not end as a one-time trade. Businesses have begun to understand the value and benefits of brand loyalty and the industry is seeing a large stratification and execution of digital marketing strategies regarding post-sale consumer contingencies. This shift besides being beneficial for brands is also a boon for the consumers which can result in an overall positive change for the industry.

The automobile industry has already ventured into the digital era. Various domains of automobile industry such as safety engineering, sophisticated manufacturing, automobile purchasing and maintenance are experiencing the dawn of digitization. As a result, we will see new innovations such as Internet of Things (IoT) which is set to dominate the list of most essential ‘things’ connected to the internet in the upcoming years.

It is expected that by 2030, due to the digitization of automobile industry, the car would be transformed into a ‘Mobility-as-a-Service’ which would be an essential element of connected living. These developments hint at the immense scope of digital marketing for automobile industry in the coming days.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Automobile Industry

There are many
advantages of opting digital marketing for automobile industry. Some of them are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing helps to enhance online reputation management. A recent study suggests 84% of customers buy automobiles on recommendation and online reviews, rather than by personal choice. Online platforms make it possible for people to know more about your brand. Hence, you really cannot risk bad reviews online.
  • Constant customer engagement on social media helps to retain brand loyalty. When people remember your brand on a continuous basis, they feel inclined towards it, and prefer your automobile brand.
  • Digital marketing can help you dominate the search engine results. Interested buyers search for the potential automobile brands online by using generic keywords. In fact, recent statistics indicates 97% of buyers conduct an online research to select the potential brand before approaching the dealers. Digital marketing can help you top the search results list.
  • Digital marketing helps to measure the results and outcome of your ad campaign. Unlike flyers and TV commercials, online platforms enable the users to comment, share and discuss about your automobile brand.
  • Digital marketing helps to identify the current automobile industry trends, analyse consumer behaviour, simplify performance tracking, enhance customer satisfaction and extend the scope for continuous improvement.
  • Digital marketing helps to identify potential automobile influencers on social media. By recognizing influencers based on their popularity, qualifications and their followers on social media, you can decide the most suitable influencer for your target audience.
  • Social media marketing can boost automobile sales. A recent study indicates that 84% of the automobile consumers are active on Facebook, while 66% of the car owners/buyers responded to the Facebook ads.

Our Digital Marketing services for the Automotive Industry?

Adsyndicate has a large degree of experience in marketing in the automotive sector. How? You may ask. Well, maybe it’s because of our productive merchandising of major brands such as Hyundai, Mahindra, Nissan, TATA and ISUZU. Or maybe it’s because of the results these brands have achieved working with us and our in-house digital strategy team, consisting of experts in all modern and traditional components of digital marketing: be it SEO, CRO, social media management, website management or any other nutty grit of digital marketing. The best part is that we’d like to help you achieve these magnificent numbers too.

Although purchases are still made physically through dealerships, every single one of them has stacks and stacks of online research behind-the-scenes. Therefore, it should come as no doubt that the purchase decision is significantly affected by the market content presented to prospective consumers. Exploiting the digital medium effectively is perhaps the best investment players in the automotive industry can make today. Let us do the exploitation. Contact Us today!

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