Digital Marketing for the Gaming Industry

Mobile games account for about 23 percent of all active apps in the iTunes App Store. And in a consumer survey, respondents pointed to playing a game as the most annoying thing people do mid-conversation on their phones (27 percent)–more annoying than texting or Snapchatting—meaning that this is becoming a normal occurrence. (Source-ADWEEK)

Games have been around for quite a while, almost as long as computers have. The gaming industry too has been through all the various phases of marketing just like any other industry despite seeming fairly recent. But what has put them on the radar now? Undoubtedly it’s the increasing popularity of mobile-gaming.

Smartphones account for a significantly large proportion of gamers. Among the four existing types of existing gaming platforms; desktop, console, online and mobile, the latter is expected to grow the most in the near future. This has undoubtedly opened up various new avenues of marketing. Still, brands in the gaming industry don’t yet realise the need for effective marketing. And most of the marketing needs are solely digital since the entire industry is a product of the digital revolution.

Desktop and console gaming are primarily driven by influencer marketing through two major channels, Youtube and Twitch. Since these platforms can obviously not be effectively leveraged for smartphone and online gaming, other forms of digital marketing techniques and strategies need to be adopted. The brands in the industry need to adapt to the market rather than focusing on creating it. Moreover, the industry is one such that sees a lot of younger minds that are prospective buyers of tomorrow. The industry needs to sell dreamlike realistic experiences and that is far more simply said than done.

Digital Marketing for Gaming Industry
Digital Marketing Services for Gaming Industry

Why Digital Marketing for Gaming Industry?

A game is not a physical product, it’s a completely digital product. This factor alone gives businesses a direct access level to the end-user which other industries can’t even dream of. Effectively exploiting the access provided by the digital product through digital mediums to digital users should be the business model for every gaming developer in the field. However old brands maybe, the industry is changing faster than the speed of light and industry players are required to constantly tweak their marketing strategies to stay on top of the competition.

Digital marketing for the gaming industry has been more of a crux in the recent years. Relying on influencer marketing alone is never enough. Even influencer marketing needs to be accompanied by other forms of digital marketing to maximise reach and create significant conversion rates. The gaming industry is one with a lot of noise, a precise and sharp content strategy is required to pierce through this noise and reach the intended audience. And that is where we can help.

Our Digital Marketing services for Gaming Industry?

Adsyndicate and ADCODE, our digital marketing panel are long established experts in crafting and executing perfectly curated digital marketing techniques. We are well versed in all components of digital marketing be it SEO, CRO, website management or social media management. Our media panel ADSTUDIO works in conjunction with ADCODE to create audio-visual content for any advertising need.

The opportunities for brands and businesses in the gaming industry are immensely vast. The chances to attain powerful leverage many. Exploiting them effectively could mean great returns for the business. Let us help you attain them. Contact Us today!

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