Digital Marketing for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare has been one industry where the primary focus is on patient outcomes. There is nothing wrong with that and that is in fact how it should be. However, healthcare being such a vital industry, has consistently lagged in areas of marketing. The focus was always on much more important factors. Also, in the past healthcare wasn’t as expensive as it is today. The demand for health services were higher too. Hospitals always had a constant influx of patients. Neither was the industry as saturated as it has become today.

Today’s healthcare consumers are smart, educated and bold. In a country like India, where healthcare is primarily cash driven in contrast to the West where it is insurance driven, consumers have begun asking for more transparent, cost effective medical services and also begun to demand two-way communication with healthcare providers. This was not the case earlier where people had only a few options to choose from and medical providers had the upper hand and business just came far easier to them.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Industry
Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Industry

How Digital Marketing is shifting the Healthcare Industry?

With the help of digital technology, consumers nowadays select hospitals in a way startlingly similar to how one would select a hotel. This includes social media, online ranking sites and hospital websites. The medicine industry is slowly becoming brand-specific. Traditional marketing methods are inevitably losing their prowess. Strategies such as word of mouth, television ads, newspaper ads and banner ads are nowhere nearly as effective as they used to be. Digital marketing, whilst taking over the advertising industry has slowly penetrated into the healthcare industry too. Brands are now forced to revamp and rework their marketing strategies if they want to attract patients. Patients who are healthier, live longer, and rely on healthcare organizations less which means that they now have the luxury of time and better health to take a well-informed decision. Today’s patients are also able to do extensive research online, which means they are more particular about the services they receive. This indefinitely means that to reach a huge chunk of the young population which is a really able section of the population who are also almost entirely online, digital marketing strategies need to be looked into and implemented with the appropriate finesse. Healthcare brands need to start focusing on driving the point onto personal screens.

Our Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare Industry

And that’s exactly what we’re here to do. Adsyndicate are long time experts in the field of digital marketing with a dedicated in-house team aptly named ADCODE who can professionally assist you with any digital marketing need you could possibly imagine to think of. Why us? Well, you could ask our clients which include health organisations like Rohto and Wings why. Or maybe it’s our expertise in various components of digital marketing such as SEO, CRO, search engine management, ad-campaign strategy, social media marketing and management, website management and so on, the flawless execution of which has helped our existing clients reap amazing returns. We would love to help you achieve them too.

The healthcare industry has been one of the slowest to embrace marketing trends as and when they emerged. Even though it wasn’t absolutely necessary for their survival earlier, the industry is inevitably moving towards such an age. With more and more healthcare brands stepping up their digital marketing strategies, anyone who doesn’t is sure to bite the dust sooner rather than later. Let us not let that happen, together. Contact Us today!

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