Digital Marketing for Pharma Sector

The pharmaceutical industry is one which has always desperately struggled to keep up with the rest of the world in terms of digital. It’s many a time found itself lagging behind in the digital spectrum as compared to other major industries. This can partly be attributed to the conservative and slow nature of the industry. That is in fact how it should be to safeguard other more important reasons, but its high time the pharma industry buckled up its boots regarding all things digital.

Digital has already begun to transform the healthcare industry like all others. Treatments are turning outcome-based, people are engaging extensively with their healthcare providers and new innovative start-ups are popping up which is increasing competition. The worst part is that most established brands have no idea on how to compete with these recent entries owing to their safe, old school marketing methods. Many brands have only begun to realise the implications of modern media and despite knowing how much it can disrupt business, most pharmaceutical marketing executives seem to have no clue on how to go about digital marketing. This effectively means that a major part of the pharma industry will soon be following mundane and completely outdated marketing strategies and nothing much will be done in terms of digital marketing which is undoubtedly, the future of marketing.

The $17 billion pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a digital wave. The pharma industry’s marketing spends through digital platforms is estimated to shoot up nearly 50% in the next two years to touch Rs 220 crore, Bengaluru-based market research firm Indegene’s study shows. (Source-ET) Smartphone apps and social media are predicted to be the biggest players in this growth. This means that, whether brands like it or not, they will have to indulge in digital marketing sooner or later. And if they don’t, they will inevitably be wiped out from the competition.

One must not disregard that the increasing internet usage is not merely for the purpose of socializing online, but rather in search of solutions for their problems or queries. In fact, searching for health related information is the third most common activity done on the internet. Patients these days are no longer play a passive role when it comes to medical consultation. Due to the advent of internet, people prefer to conduct a brief research on the type of drug preferred by a physician, its side-effects etc. Hence, digital marketing for pharma sector can increase trust and brand loyalty as consumers like to be addressed, informed and supported when it comes to their health.

Digital Marketing for Pharma Sector
Digital Marketing Services for Pharma Sector

Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical companies

The few ways brands in the pharma sector can entertain digital marketing strategies are by increasing patient engagement to a fuller level, personalising care for each individual patient (can take suits from the hotel industry as they have been doing this from a long time), invest and use advanced analytics to make appropriate changes in different areas, respond to concerns in real-time trying to create a more intimate experience for the end user, use AI-related services such as chatbots, automation of processes and robotic software, make the industry as a whole more data-driven to aid information exchange within the sector and so on.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Pharma Sector

Despite being aware of the benefits that digital marketing offers to any industry, many companies of pharma sector in India are in a dilemma whether to invest in digital marketing or not due to possible bureaucratic hassles. However, there are several benefits that pharma digital marketing provides. Some of them are listed below:

  • Digital marketing provides better exposure for pharma companies to reach out to the patients. Unlike traditional approaches like face-to-face interaction which is expensive and time consuming, digital marketing not only reduces the marketing cost and time, but also increases your target audience reach.
  • Digital marketing increases the competency of your business. It is not the size of your company, but the effective marketing strategy, well-planned content and targeted delivery that attracts customers in pharma sector. Thus any firm, irrespective of its size can compete with other players in pharma sector.
  • Digital marketing for helps to measure the impact of its marketing effects, which has been not possible through traditional marketing in Indian pharma sector. In this regard, digital marketing definitely helps to track and measure consumer behavioural patterns, analyse consumer reviews and suggestions, enhance consumer satisfaction and uplift the scope for continuous improvement.
  • Digital marketing for pharma sector leads to responsive brand development. Especially in a health based sector like pharma, leads can be generated only through meaningful interactions. Hence, continuous communication with the consumers will develop brand equity.
  • Digital marketing endows the patients to actively participate in their care. According to a survey by McKinsey, 85% of patients expressed confidence in taking care of their health as a result of accessibility of digital resources where they received support and assistance from pharma professionals.
  • Digital marketing techniques such as SEO will improve your business if your pharma firm is listed in the top of google searches. When it comes to pharma, people prefer only the best of services. At Adsyndicate, we can make that happen!
  • Digital marketing helps to identify potential influencers on social media. By recognizing influencers based on their popularity, qualifications and their followers on social media, you can decide the most suitable influencer for your target audience. For instance, when the influencers speak about the quality and care offered by your pharma, the trust laid upon you by the customers is deemed to increase. Trust and Care are very important, particularly in a health based sector like pharma.

Our Digital Marketing services for Pharma Sector

Adsyndicate can help you execute all of the above suggestions and much more. ADCODE, our in-house digital marketing specialist panel is well versed in all components of digital marketing be it SEO, CRO, website management or social media management. Our clients which include brands like Rohto Pharmaceuticals have already achieved excellent results as a fruit of our assistance and we’d like to help you and your brand achieve the same. The multi-billion dollar industry is only going to see more billions. Let us help you have a piece of the cake. Digital Marketing is the future. Contact Us today!

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