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Digital Marketing for the Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism sector was one of the very first industries to adopt digital marketing strategies. This early adoption has also allowed the industry to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends. Mainly owing to the reason that this industry primarily sells experiences. The increasing number of mobile users, lowering prices of digital marketing services and rising effectiveness of social media strategies are a few of the multitude of reasons which has led to the widespread adoption of digital marketing strategies by the travel and tourism industry.

Earlier, most consumers of the travel and tourism sectors browsed destinations and booked their itineraries through online mediums using desktops and personal computers. But now, the industry has gradually but rapidly witnessed a shift from desktops to mobile devices. Not just the hospitality industry, but digital consumption as a whole has experienced this transition. Digital consumption today is startlingly different than how it was even just a few years ago. As such, there are modern-world start-ups coming up in the already highly saturated travel and tourism sector which are mobile-only. The entire industry is going mobile, quite literally.

However, a large percentage of bookings today are still carried out traditionally using physical means despite all the research and the resulting final decision being made using online channels. Surely, the ability to book online could significantly boost sales. The biggest benefit of online booking would perhaps be bookings made by last-minute travellers who book a hotel for the same day. This subset accounts for roughly 60 per cent of all travellers.

Even though most of the travel and tourism sector has moved online, it’s important to note that the transition has been direct and bland with nothing new or different being offered by tour operators and travel agencies. Online has provided a very convenient platform for trying out new innovative strategies for little to no cost. Travel and tourism brands need to look into leveraging online mediums and perfecting innovative digital marketing strategies to offer consumers something new and different from traditional travelling experiences.

Many brands also make the mistake of advertising and creating a presence on every social media site out there. This could really hurt a well laid out digital marketing strategy. Brands don’t realise that they’re undermining their own efforts. The key is to identify the sites with the users matching a brand’s target audience and then effectively use that platform to mitigate consumer interest. It’s much simpler and far more effective.

Digital Marketing for Travel and Tourism Industry
Digital Marketing Services for Travel and Tourism Industry

Our Digital Marketing services for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Adsyndicate and our in-house digital marketing experts ADCODE are long time experts in all virtues of digital marketing be it SEO, CRO, lead generation, website management or social media management. Our in-house media production team ADSTUDIO works in conjunction with our other departments to create immersive videos and eye-capturing photos which can be constructively used as part of a well-crafted digital marketing strategy.

The primary reason brands in the travel and tourism sector are so successful at adapting digital marketing strategies is because they thoroughly peruse how people interact with surrounding environments while travelling. These insights help them recognize existing customer needs and give travellers the required drive to create the “wow” effect with minimal effort and ensure repeat business. Let us do the same for you. You can thank us later. Contact Us today!

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