Linking your Business to its Audience: LinkedIn Marketing

Other than simply growing your professional network, LinkedIn can also be used for expanding businesses. This can be attained by making connections, generating leads, establishing partnerships, and creating better brand awareness. LinkedIn, thus, in many multifarious ways, can add to your digital marketing strategy.

However, the platform acts differently –  in ways that you cannot blatantly push your brand on it, like you can on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The audience here falls in your immediate sphere of influence and it would not be the right strategy to then, obviously hard-sell or blatantly bombard their feeds with your product’s propositions.

LinkedIn is more powerful than other platforms when it comes to increasing your brand’s prowess, given that it is growing at almost 1 user per second.  It gives you an idea of the earning prowess of your target audience, making you certain that the people who you are marketing your product or service to, mean business and have the capacity to buy your offering. Conversations on LinkedIn are more geared towards partnerships and transactions and can bring you closer to closing a deal or truly talk business, numbers, milestones, among others.

Here are some tips for marketing your product or service on LinkedIn.

Find highly targeted customers and connections:

The way that LinkedIn, can be used to target members, is unparalleled in the world of digital advertising. Small businesses can zero in the exact industry, company size as well as a job role. This helps businesses become more responsive as well as waste less time when it comes to looking for the right target audience.

Grow your network:

Although a lot of experts might say that the right way to go about LinkedIn marketing is to add only those that you know and trust, it helps your brand or even your personal page, if you go beyond your comfort zone and expand your opportunities by connecting with those that you don’t know. The best way to use LinkedIn, is to use it like live-networking and introduce yourself to others as well let others introduce themselves to you.

Create content that’s compelling:

This golden rule applies for LinkedIn as it does for other social-media platforms. An interesting story, preferably depicted through a video or an infographic, can hone in interest immediately. Content should be planned in a manner that gives an idea with immediacy as to what the brand’s proposition is and what the brand wants to drive into its audience.

Give a face to your employees:

Get as many of your employees to complete their profiles as is possible. Make sure that their profiles comprise appropriate photos, relevant details of job history and education, as well as what their current role in your organization is and what their responsibilities are.

Join Groups and Stay Active:

Joining relevant groups and stay active on them, to ‘listen’ to what your target audience is talking about.  This helps you send a message to your audience as and when needed and interact with them as well as inform them about your brand’s proposition and give them due advice when needed.


Get active, get innovative  – realise the potential and power of marketing your brand on LinkedIn. Untap its hidden potential – and witness the platform evolve into one that is even more powerful than other popular social media sites.

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