A logo is not only the company’s face but also a reflection of the whole era in general. Getting a modern and up-to-date logo regardless of the current trends is a difficult task. Both a logo and a corporate identity should work together perfectly. Only the bright identity in the combination with a unique logo makes branding special.

A logo is not only the company’s face but also a reflection of the whole era in general. Getting a modern and up-to-date logo regardless of the current trends is a difficult task. Both a logo and a corporate identity should work together perfectly. Only the bright identity in the combination with a unique logo makes branding special.

In this article we will consider 10 trends that, in our opinion, will set the tone for the logo design in 2018:

1. Simplicity

Logo Design Trend - Simplicity

If you follow the formation of young brands and the transformation of them, it is noticeable that companies tend to be laconic. Simplification is one of the main trends that will not lose its relevance in 2018. The essence of the direction is in the reduction of the constituent elements, the rejection of catchy graphic decorations. There is also an individualization of the color palette: one color comes to the foreground, revealing all its facets.

One of the reasons for this trend’s strengthening is connected with the development of Internet technologies and cross-platform. A logo should look great not only on a business card but also on the company’s website, mobile application, etc. For the same reason, many well-known companies have rebranded their logos in the direction of simplification.

2. The text with simple geometric shapes

Logo Design Trend – Geometric Shapes

The text with the usage of a well-readable font and simple geometric shapes is a new trend that was popular in 2017 and will still be in 2018. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the text logos are simple and effective: think of the logos of such well-known companies as Samsung, Nike, Google. Secondly, the addition of elementary graphics elements makes the composition more harmonious. Thirdly, by using lines, dots, and other similar shapes, you can achieve interesting effects and highlight the logo among other text logos. A simple and accessible font, designed in accordance with strict proportions, began to gain popularity in 2017. The internal harmony of such logo immediately attracts the observer’s eye, getting distinguished from the other emblems.

3. Universality through contextualization

Today, designers face the challenge not only to create beautiful, attractive logos but also to understand different contexts in which these emblems will be applied. Posters, business cards, signs, installations, advertisements, and packaging are just some examples of media on which a logo can be placed. Therefore, in 2018, we should expect an increased attention to the context of the designers.




4. Architecture as inspiration

The usage of architectural design in the design of logos is not a new phenomenon. And yet, graphic designers manage to find new interesting ways to implement this trend. Physical space has always played an important role in creating corporate style brands (for example, all points of Starbucks and Apple are consistent in a single style). Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the virtual world, in their work, the designers try not only to use architectural concepts but also to play on the features of the physical space that is associated with the brand.


5. The text as a field for experiments

Logo Design Trend – Experimental Texts

We return to the logo’s text and font. In addition to using the techniques that we have already mentioned, lots of designers began to experiment more with fonts: kerning, indenting, aligning letters, replacing them, a combination of fonts became the main victims of designers.

6. Experiments with fonts

Fonts have always served as fertile ground for experiments, from developing new traces to modifying existing fonts using illustrations and photographs. In 2018, the study of the multifaceted universe of fonts will continue: we expect to see both completely new solutions and the use of ancient printing technologies in the modern context. Such logos give the necessary uniqueness and individuality.

7. Laying and masking the shapes and colors

Logo Design Trend – Shapes and Colors

Layering and masking are complex tricks that involve filling geometric shapes with a variety of content. This technique does not create a strong visual effect and therefore often goes unnoticed. Nevertheless, designers will find here infinite possibilities for experiments, both in terms of abstractions and in terms of concepts. The leaning of designers to soft color overflows became apparent back in 2016. Such an effect does not look catchy and pretentious, but it is advantageous to emphasize monophonic text. With the help of gradients, you can design both text and the drawing or icon. Admission is most relevant for logos with large and dense fonts.





8. Constructions from letters

Various designs from letters have been already noticed in 2016-2017 years as a trend among textual logos. This is an excellent option for long titles and phrases: the text is arranged in a column – even or of an arbitrary shape. Due to this, as well as the use of additional colors or additional symbols, the logos in this style look very original, so in 2018 will certainly be in demand.





9. Seals and Emblems

Logo Design Trend – Seals and Emblems

In 2018, there will be the increased popularity of logos, stylized for print, coats of arms and other similar compositions in which all elements (text, icon) or part of them are enclosed within a circle or semicircle. Also, dates are often indicated.

Typically, this style is suitable for logos that create a sense of antiquity, the preservation of traditions. Therefore, the graphic elements and shades used to correspond to retro-esthetics.

10. Negative space

Logo Design Trend – Negative Space

This trend needs no introduction. Logos with negative space have been popular for several years, and 2018 will not be an exception. The only thing that has changed – the hidden image began to appear more actively in the text-based warehouse logo. The intersection of letters or the letter itself became a place for experiments and the addition of negative space.


In 2018, we will undoubtedly see a lot of interesting trends in the design of logos. In new works, there is a bold look at fonts, the desire for minimalism, simple geometric shapes, grids, as well as complex combinations of colors and geometric shapes. The next 5 years we are waiting for more and more daring, bold and strange decisions. We have to break the rules to stand out. After all, in the framework of the rules, everything has already been invented. Even if you come up with a cool concept, but sooner or later there is a similar solution. We are waiting for a variety of non-standard solutions, and we cannot wait to see what designers will surprise us in the coming year!

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