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A brand alone doesn’t represent what your company is. Neither does an identity or a logo. A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. All three of these are independent standalone aspects that must come together strategically to form the image of your brand, or your business. And that is why, designing just the logo, or hiring different agencies to design the logo and branding strategy is a bad idea. Your brand needs to be positioned rightly to attract maximum success. And streamlining your brand strategy and brand image is the first step to achieve this. Then, you need to know,

What is a brand?

A brand is defined as the perceived emotional corporate image of your business as a whole. What your brand is, is exactly what it makes people feel. Your brand needs to tap into human emotions positively to create customers. That is why branding is so important and what’s even more important is that the agency who is getting the work done for you understands this too. Most brand strategy agencies still confuse what a brand is with other aspects of branding. This flawed approach could lead to big losses for your business. Choose someone who knows what they are doing. Choose Adsyndicate.

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is basically any visual aspect that forms an image of the overall brand. The brand identity you craft will control how you want potential consumers to perceive you. And the visual aspects used to identify with your brand leads to a boost in emotional morale for your brand. It’s very important to conceive what kind of image you wish to create in the minds of your audience about your brand and invest into creating that identity. Adsyndicate realises this, and our prior experience in the field of branding has helped us to determine the most effective ways to create a lasting brand identity. Or if you want us to help with crafting the basics of the identity itself, we can help with that too. Anything you need, Adsyndicate is ready to deliver.

What is a logo?

A logo is merely a mark, visual, audio or physical that identifies your brand. It seems the most insignificant of all but actually is the most significant. After a certain stage, with brands who’ve played their cards right. The logo literally markets the brand. Examples such as Mercedes-Benz, Louis-Vuitton, Coca-Cola, Apple etc. are testaments to just how powerful a logo can be. If you want the logo of your brand to identify with your brand correctly, and also showcase what your brand stands for, designing the right logo is imperative. The success of your business depends on it and a logo emotionally interacts with people to a very large extent. Think of how brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, BMW, Bentley etc. are perceived as status symbols. Logos can be a very powerful medium to communicate what your brand is and the ideals it stands for. Adsyndicate’s experts have done extensive research in this field and that learning is backed by years and years of solid experience dealing with several brands including several Fortune500 companies. And that is exactly why Adsyndicate is the best choice for your logo designing needs.

Adsyndicate sure does offer all of these services individually, but that approach is simply not effective. But if you still need help in only any one of the above mentioned aspects, we can do it better than anyone in the country by thoroughly analysing other aspects of your branding. Our work has always spoken for us and Adsyndicate is one of a kind when it comes to creative services. Rest assured, nowhere else in the country can you find a team of more experienced, talented or creative certified experts in the country. Contact Us today!


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