Calendars and Catalogues

Everyone has definitely seen a branded calendar resting on the office table or on the fridge at their homes. A lot of brands do calendar advertising, from the smallest to even the largest of them. And everyone has definitely seen one or the other catalogue lying around the office or the living room. Both these products, apart from showcasing your services and products and displaying the value your brand can provide, also aims to market it. Calendars and catalogues are one of the most underrated methods to market. No-one talks about it. And yet a lot of brands do it. Because it works.

There’s something very subtle about a calendar since it’s something which someone uses everyday but still in the process makes them remember your brand. This can create an emotional connection with your brand at the sub-conscious level. This form of marketing is pure genius and one of the most effective. But that still isn’t the best part. The best part is undoubtedly how inexpensive it is. Order 100 calendars to promote your business and you still have an amortized daily cost less than what a cup of coffee will nick you at most restaurants. How can you go wrong with that? Now that’s another reason almost every other brand out there have calendars in circulation. Moreover, it’s just a onetime annual investment. Besides cost, here are a few other advantages to calendars in specific.

A calendar has a perceived gift value, simply because it’s so functional. Every customer whom you give a calendar to feels like it’s a gift from the company. There’s no need to state how good this can be to foster brand loyalty. Gifting a calendar to a client adds a personal touch since the client knows that they are among the selected few who’s getting it. This is so much better compared to traditional forms of advertising that are often indirect and stiff. A calendar that’s kept at a person’s home or office isn’t seen just by themselves, every person who visits them sees it too. If your calendar is interesting enough to be the subject of a conversation, boom you’ve got your next customer. Moreover, a calendar makes it all the more convenient for a customer to contact your brand. They just need to note down the info from something which they glance at every day. Also let’s face it, one of the great advantages of using a calendar for advertising is the fact that they self-expire usually after 12 months. Well, often times that customer or prospect will come back to you looking for a subsequent year replacement. As creatures of habit, most people like to replace and use what has grown comfortable with them. This again can multiply itself towards caressing brand loyalty. Think about it, why not put the revenue you gain back into the hands of people who actually keep you in business. This promotes goodwill within your customers and more importantly, ensures that they come back to you. Isn’t that what all business want?

Coming to catalogues, they are used widespread around the world by all kinds of business. Catalogues are designed to speak directly to your target audience and further build your reputation and brand. Brands have happily acknowledged the fact that catalogues help them to promote their brands. Catalogues provide definition to the brand, its ideals and its directives. A large amount of brands around the world have openly stated that a catalogue is imperative to the success of their business. But how?

Catalogues, primarily conceived as something traditional have apparently gone digital too. Almost all the primary automobile brands in the world use digital catalogues on their websites and physical ones at dealerships. Simply because they are so damn effective at convincing people. Certain brands have also gone as far as stating that investing in catalogues has enabled them to not worry about achieving their sales targets anymore. A well put together catalogue is as good as if not better than a talented salesman. Catalogues have the power to reach potential customers, like no other marketing channel. They are the most tested piece of direct marketing material and have always proved very responsive.

The primary reason that catalogues still work is simple, people want something tangible to base their decisions on. And catalogues are just perfect. They make the buyer feel invested in, has a personal touch, defines the brand to a very large extent, is much easier to navigate through if the information is presented efficiently and overall makes the person feel that they’re doing something special, boosting their final buying decision. Believe it or not, the effect that a catalogue can have on a potential buyer is immense and that’s a perfect opportunity for exploitation. If you play your cards right.

And in today’s digital age, the functionality of catalogues is only growing. It is significant that you view a catalogue as investment and not expenditure. A well-designed catalogue can build your brand and drive your sales; it is the perfect sales AND marketing tool. By exploiting proven catalogue dynamics, you can greatly influence buying decisions. Catalogues are designed to speak directly to your audience and are proven to be the number one driver of online sales. The challenge here is, choosing the right agency to design your catalogue.

We’ve shown you how effective both a calendar and catalogue can be in boosting your business, it’s among the more unorthodox but traditional ways to exploit human emotions and influence buying decisions. The subtlety that these methods allow are unmatched by any other marketing methods in existence. In the prevailing digital market place, catalogues are seen as more important and relevant than ever. Catalogues represent your brand, they are synonymous to your brand objectives. Calendars represent your brand too, in perhaps one of the most idealistic ways. There is no better method to pierce a place for your brand in a customer’s heart. The best part is we at Adsyndicate realise this. And our creative team at Adsyndicate is well equipped to handle all your catalogue and calendar designing needs. We have extensive experience in this field as evident from the several designs we have successfully executed for major brands across the country. Both international and domestic. We’re only waiting for your call. Because we so badly want to help. Contact Us today!


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