Coffee Table Book

If there’s one thing we at Adsyndicate believe after all these years working in creative advertising, it’s the ability of print to pierce into the hearts of the consumer public in a way that digital just cannot. And hence, we announce the availability of our new service, the Coffee table Book. Why? We’ll show you why.

There’s something utterly, helplessly beautiful about a well put-together physical object which is obviously collectible and lasting, just resting on the table-top waiting to display its contents to anyone who opens it. Besides, how are other people supposed to know what goes on behind your tiny mobile screen except you? In the same way that we take the utmost care in choosing which brands to put on our bodies, in the process declaring our allegiance to whichever culture, a mark of the modern-day Renaissance man is the calibre of his coffee table book collection — a firm indicator of his most steadfast interests enshrined in hardcover form.

Rest assured, if your brand can get onto his table, that’s a lot of business coming your way. Besides the perceived brand image your book creates and the bragging rights it just gave him. A coffee table book is one of the most underrated, least used and one of the most effective ways to market your brand. Comparable to a calendar or catalogue but more personal, hence more efficient. But also, more expensive. A coffee table book is a significant investment, but if done right, it’ll remain an investment that provides huge returns rather than turn into mere advertising expenditure.

Put all this aside however, and you unravel the biggest advantage of a coffee table book. It’s often stated that a business with the right coffee table book will succeed. That’s because, four elements go into designing a coffee table book and they force you to be clear about every inch and particle of your business and brand. The first is obviously deciding what will be in the book, in layman terms, affinity for subject matter. Then, it’s imperative to feel that this subject matter is challenging to turn into an iconic, beautiful book. Else the coffee book will only be mere advertising expenditure. Thirdly, the book needs to find a market or build its own market. There’s no point if the book can’t be sold. An unsold book is an ugly book, and again, just advertising expenditure. People need to want the book. Finally, crafting a book is a rigorous process. It’s imperative that the people whom you work with to design the book with are creative and fun individuals. Adsyndicate is up to the task. Are you?

The most attractive aspect is that there is no specific demographic for those who sell coffee table books, everyone from boutique barbers to large corporations use them. And they don’t need to essentially be about the brand itself. It could be something on which the brand’s ideals are based on or something which reflects the brand. And most brands also have multiple coffee table books on sale which is even better and it allows communication about the brand regarding more than one specific topic.

The challenge still is convincing people to adopt books in a world where they are becoming counterweights. Adsyndicate realises this and what we’ve noticed more and more is how people are aware that their choice of a coffee table book defines their personal style, taste and preference. If they can be convinced that it’s cool, fun and stylish to own this book, you’ve effectively gained a customer for your brand, for their lifetime. Not just one, but essentially everyone that the person is close to. Since they desire the coffee table book which your brand created.


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