Media Planning and Buying

When you choose Adsyndicate as your media planner and service provider for your media planning and buying needs, you get all of our services. We do device targeting: right from iOS all the way to Android. This allows us to increase the range of your expected target audience and also craft effective penetration strategy which all come together in the end to form a very successful media planning and buying strategy.

Targeting: The success of any media planning and buying campaign depends on targeting the right group of people. Adsyndicate filters audience based on your brand and targets the concerned audience. What this does is ensure that your campaign is effective and goal oriented.

Our Media Planning and Buying Services

Our media planning and buying services include – conversion monitoring, online media planning and buying, creative management, traffic analysis and gamification.

Don’t stray around if you’re looking for a media planning and buying agency,  Adsyndicate is the right service provider for you.
With the wide assortment of desktop, mobile, banner and tablet advertising options available, your company needs an active voice on your side to help you navigate through the bewildering media placement choices on choice. Moreover, it needs to be an experienced, penetrating and most importantly, a convincing voice.

Adsyndicate is that voice. We are a media planning and buying agency that can help discover the exact media options that will efficiently and effectively target the precise demographic you are trying to reach or rather, that you should be reaching. Yes we can help with figuring out your audience for you too. A key aspect of media planning and buying lies in ensuring that your ad is keyed properly and submitted on time and in the appropriate format. Our proficient team members know what works where, which enables them to advise you on specific design options for different sites. This proficiency is rare and also mostly very expensive. We make it available to you easily and functionally. A deadly but potent combination for all your media planning and buying needs.

Another feature we are proud to make available to our customers is complete transparency. Our clients have direct access to all keywords, campaigns and reports. This is extremely beneficial to all parties involved because we can actively tweak the strategy with feedbacks from the client and the client also attains a greater degree of trust due to their required active participation.

The whole process too becomes streamlined and is just very convenient due to a healthy exchange of views and results.

But before all, you as the client should question yourself as to why you’re coming to us for help. This primarily does two things, give you a clear cut reason for involving us in your marketing efforts and secondly, helps you advocate what you expect from us. With set expectations and reasons in place, everything becomes exponentially easier and this leads to more effective communication and faster results. Streamlining is the most underrated aspect of marketing and most brands don’t realise that they play an equally important if not bigger role in streamlining the process for their SEM agencies. You do your part and we’ll do ours. And trust us, we never disappoint. Contact Us today!


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