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ABB – Home & Office Automation

ABB is a global leader in industrial technology. The company employs 140,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. ABB has been successfully investing in the Indian subcontinent ever since and has steadily expanded its manufacturing, engineering and R&D footprint.


The client expected a high-impact concept presentation matching international standards. As the preferred communications partner for ABB, we were commissioned to showcase their futuristic Home & Office Automation Technology onsite at their Channel Partner outlets across India. The challenge was to create an experience zone in a 1000+ sq.ft. area, featuring live controls of the diverse facets of the ambience. The objective was to give the end-user a 'wow' digital experience and real feel of the high-tech control system at the fingertips.


On a pilot basis, five leading ABB Channel Partners were selected in the capital city of Delhi. The Target group were Reputed builders, leading architects, interior decorators and tech-savvy customers. Within a short timeframe of just 3 days, we adhered to the client’s requirements and were able to conduct the recce, develop the concept, prepare a CAD design, followed by 3D rendering.


We hit the ground running and our team accompanied ABB marketing head to the outlets in Delhi. After a detailed recce, the CAD drawings were presented, followed by 3D renditions for Home as well as Office Automation. The client was overwhelmed with the think-through presentation.

However, since the Channel Partners expressed their inability to earmark 1000+ sq.ft. area exclusively, the client asked us to present an alternative. Back again to the drawing board stage, we took the challenge and came back with an innovative space saving idea. A table-top mock up unit featuring Home & Office Automation was created. Digital management of various appliances like music system, television, mood lighting etc. was showcased in the limited space using original ABB products.

The concept was appreciated by the marketing team and ABB communication managers at their meet in Zürich, Switzerland. It was also well received by the Channel Partners.

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