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ISUZU – Social Media (Republic Day)

The Client

The Japanese automotive giant and one of the global leaders in safe durable cars, ISUZU wanted to make a bigger impact in the Indian market and also promote the brand’s safety features and its concern for Safer Indian roads.

The Challenge

ISUZU wanted something unique and innovative on the eve of Republic Day, they refused to have a generic wish post and wanted something that truly drove user engagement. They suggested us to create something that relates to road safety as it is a major concern with more than 1.25 million people dying each year as result of accidents.

Our Solution

Our team came up with an idea of highlighting 3 major factors

• On ground activation engagement with games of strength
• Concentrating on roads while driving
• Not to use mobile phones while driving

We ran a Facebook campaign based on these 3 aspects and the campaign was a massive hit! It garnered several positive sentiments associated with the brand and also had enormous engagement with the followers.

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