Winning Strategies for Whatsapp Marketing from Absolut

WhatsApp for Business is opening up new avenues in the social media marketing arena. It is quick, reliable and economical yet is limited in reaching a large number of customers at the same time. The primary pioneer of WhatsApp marketing was Absolut Vodka, known for its highly innovative and successful marketing strategies.

The purpose of its campaign, launched in 2013, was to promote their limited-edition vodka, Absolut Unique. The campaign revolved around an exclusive party hosted by them, which people could enter free of cost but there was a catch. Marketers had created a fictional doorman named Swen, whom people had to contact through WhatsApp and try their best to convince him in an entertaining way to let them into the party. They could send him messages, leave voice notes or make videos to prove that they deserved to enter the party.

The campaign was a huge success as thousands of multimedia messages poured in and created a buzz all over social media. Here are three key takeaways from their campaign that has proved to yield a successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaign.

  1. Create a persona. Absolut realised that WhatsApp is first and foremost a personal messaging platform. Hence, it created an imaginary persona to engage the customers. This added a human touch to their interaction that most customers appreciated.
  2. Tie up with a real-life event. While WhatsApp can be used effectively to inform customers of your products, in Absolut’s case, it was used to create hype for a real life event – the product launch of Absolut Unique. People were excited about both the product’s release and the event itself.
  3. Make it exclusive. Quality tops quantity in WhatsApp. While you cannot amass thousands of followers like Facebook or Instagram, you get a relatively small but loyal following. This gives you the freedom to create exclusive campaigns. Absolut’s involvement of people in the launch of a limited-edition vodka won them much admiration and ultimately a successful campaign.

A successful WhatsApp marketing campaign must have a personal touch, must be tied up with real-life events and involve users of the platform in the mix. With the right strategies and tools at your disposal, WhatsApp can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

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